Servant Leader Training

What is it?
This training is aimed at equipping the men and women of GBC to grow as competent servant leaders. The applicants who are accepted will be those who have been involved in serving, are currently serving, or who commit to serving in some ministry at the conclusion of the training.

What is taught?
There are three distinct semesters of training that will be offered. While participants are encouraged to complete the whole course of training, they may jump in at the beginning of any semester or take a break at the end of any semester.

1. The Story of the Bible - Fall Semester
Healthy biblical interpretation and application is enhanced with a clearer sense of the big picture story of the Bible. With a better grasp on this big picture, students can better understand how their personal story fits into God's story and reject the false stories they are tempted to live in. Textbook: The Drama of Scripture: Finding our Place in the Biblical Story

2. Basic Christian Beliefs - Spring Semester
Biblically-rooted belief is foundational to everything else in the Christian life. We want our students to have a solid foundation of historic Christian belief for the benefit of their own lives of faith, and through them, to improve the broader spiritual atmosphere of our church. Textbook: Bible Doctrine: Essential Teachings of the Christian Faith

3. Leadership - Summer Semester (9 weeks)
Sound theology ought to reflect itself in sound practice. This 9 week training will seek to equip you in the practical ministry skills associated with the servant leadership values of service, vision, credibility and empowerment. The skills and ministry mindset gained from this training will better position our current and future servant leaders at Grace Bible Church to thrive rather than survive in their present and future ministry opportunities.

Counting the cost:

Should your application be accepted...

  • The entrance fee for Fall and Spring semesters will be $45.
  • The entrance fee for Summer semester will $20.
  • This cost will help cover your books, basic classroom materials, basic amenities required to run the training, and a celebratory meal at the conclusion of the semester.


  • Fall and Spring semesters: 12 class meetings each at 9 am on Sunday mornings in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Summer Semester: 9 class meetings.
  • Each class meeting will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes (with lecture and group discussion).
  • On average, there will be an estimated 2.5-3 hours of independent work to do outside of class each week.


  • Regular attendance is expected - we are requiring the material missed in an absence to be made up before the next class meeting.
  • For the Fall and Spring semesters, students will be assigned around 275 pages of reading (not including Bible reading) per semester.
  • There will not be heavy reading for the Summer semester, however there will be required weekly homework.
  • Students will engage in spiritual formation exercises over the course of study that will foster communing with God and living out our faith.
  • Each semester will have a final assignment that will require some writing. ***If this all seems intimidating, just remember that diligence is what is required. Your teachers will help and encourage you to succeed through all of this. You can do it!

What is the goal?
We are not seeking to merely grow bigger brains - we are seeking to strengthen, encourage, and equip men and women who lead by serving. Our prayed-for goal is men and women who humbly live out what they have learned and serve others better because of it.

When is it?
We will meet promptly at 9 am on Sunday mornings in Henderson Fellowship Hall.

How do I join?
Watch here for more details or reach out to Roman.