Small Groups

Small GroupsSmall Groups

The purpose of Small Groups is to provide an environment where the fundamental aspects of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus can be addressed in the context of vibrant relationships. Too often we don't experience the life that Jesus promised because there are aspects of our lives where the gospel hasn't taken root. This is why learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus is so important. In addition to our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening Small Groups, we have several multigenerational Sunday School classes -- one at 9am in Henderson Hall that studies our current sermon series, one at 9:30am that studies various books of Scripture, and occasional seminars that take place at 10:45am.

Small groups meet in the homes of our members to better learn and apply the Word of God to our personal and professional lives. Our small groups meet on Wednesday or Sunday nights throughout the year. Every group has developed its own rhythm of meeting, but all of our groups share a commitment to helping one another apply the Word of God on a daily basis.

We believe that what takes place on Sunday mornings with our corporate church body is irreplaceable in the life of a disciple. Small groups are a beautiful complement to our Gospel-centered corporate worship services. Our desire is that every member who worships with us in the pew on Sunday mornings would taste the fellowship that comes from pursuing Christ together with each other in a living room later that week in the evening.

Our small groups study together, pray together, laugh together, and serve together. Every small group adopts its own missional service projects throughout the year and encourages its members to serve others through the many ministries of Grace Bible Church.

The family community that is formed by being renewed by the power of Christ's love demonstrated within our small groups is remarkable. We have small groups that have been meeting for decades and newer small groups that launch every semester. Whether it's one of our multigenerational small groups or a group niched closer to your season of life, small groups are a key tool for shepherding one another as the family of God. Contact Brad Carr or use the questionnaire below to join one of our existing small groups or to be a part of the next group preparing to launch.