Summer Refuge

When: June 12th
Contact Name: Bobby Austin

Summer Refuge Schedule 
 June 12th Sunday Night Starts
- Refuge will once again move to Sunday nights this summer at the Refuge House from 5-7 starting June 12th. 

June 15th - "Bring your lunch" Wednesday Starts
- Most of the Wednesdays this summer students will be encouraged to grab lunch and bring it to the Refuge House from 12-1:30 to fellowship and eat together.

June 19-23 - Refuge Summer Mission Camp - OKC
- Refuge students and leaders are heading to Oklahoma City to serve and fellowship together. We’ll be staying at Oklahoma Christian University and partnering with different ministries around town. 

July 3rd - Refuge Lake Day
- Refuge will have an early celebration for 4th of July Sunday night at the Jones’ house on Lake Nac. 

July 24th - Slip n Slide Kickball 
- Refuge will partner with other youth ministries in town for a day of water and kickball and competition.