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Return to a Visible Offering

Church family,


     We are writing to let you all know that the elders have prayerfully decided to return to taking a physical offering every Sunday morning and we would like to explain our purpose in doing that. Please know that we are so grateful to each of you who have been faithful in the giving of your time, resources, and talents to Grace Bible Church.

     First, giving is an act of worship. Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Giving to the Lord not only proclaims that we value Him, but also focuses our hearts on what He is doing through His body. As we gather Sunday mornings to worship God, it is the leadership’s responsibility to ensure that our time instructs believers in right worship. We are convinced that right worship of God involves our minds, our voices, our bodies, and our money. We think this is the best way to say to our children or to those young in the Lord, “God is our provider in all things, and we give Him a portion of the resources He gave to us in order to thank Him and to honor Him.”

     Second, we want to provide every opportunity available for members of our community to give each week, as it is easy to forget to give. This robs us of the blessing of giving and deprives the church of the gift. We believe that the ministry God has us doing is both important and rewarding.  We are so blessed to have buildings to worship in, to train our kids in, and to use as a base to serve our community from. We are so blessed to be able to pay ministers like Bobby, Jenny, Roman, Cynthia, Jon, and Jesse to minister themselves and to help our whole body to minister effectively. We’re so blessed to get to invest in 11 different missionaries along with amazing ministry opportunities like Glory Gang, The Helping House, and Embrace Grace. This year Grace Bible as a body gave $15,500 toward Mission Nac. All of these investments cost money, and we believe we are actually blessing our body as we make it easy (and easy to remember) to give.

     Practically speaking, many people give electronically through PushPay or through another method. We believe this glorifies the Lord and is a sensible way to be consistent in giving. But even if you don’t physically put anything into the plate when it is passed along your row on Sunday morning, we encourage you to say silently as it passes, “Lord, all I have You have given me. And all I have, I give to You.” Giving is a fundamental part of worship, and we believe it is worth taking time each Sunday to focus on that.

     Finally, visibly including giving in our Sunday morning worship just seems honest to those who are considering becoming believers.  We’re not trying to get money from those who haven’t chosen to invest their lives at Grace Bible. But Jesus told His hearers to “count the cost” of discipleship.  Choosing to follow Jesus Christ is costly in terms of your time, your resources, and allowing the Lord authority over the decisions you make. We believe it is right for prospective believers to know the cost of discipleship, and visible giving is a window into what discipleship looks like. This world wants us to pin our hopes and dreams on what we can attain, and a giving up of what this world holds dear simply reminds us that Jesus is better. The truth is, the “cost” pales in comparison to the fullness of life that Christ offers.

     We hope you will join us in treating our time of offering Sunday morning as an opportunity to invest in God’s work, to worship God, and to teach those around us what it means to give ourselves to Jesus.


The elders of Grace Bible Church