Baptism is one of the most profound and meaningful steps that a person takes in their relationship with God. The church throughout history, however, has had several different teachings about what Baptism is and who should take part in it. This has led to a degree of confusion and even frustration for many regarding this beautiful and meaningful sacrament.

We believe this step is so important that we want to take time to reflect on what Baptism is and why Jesus commanded his followers to do it.

We have several avenues through which people can pursue baptism at Grace Bible Church. You can attend a baptism class, which are offered every other month, meet with an elder, or meet with a member of our staff. To pursue baptism by meeting an elder, you can e-mail our elders here. To pursue baptism by meeting with a member of our staff, you can e-mail our staff here.

RSVP here to attend our Baptism Class 9/5 at 10:45am.